The Thorough Good Cook
by George Augustus Sala
recipes from 1896

A digital version of a rare antique cookbook originally published in 1896 for those who want to kick it Olde Skool !

Hollander and Hechsher, publishers of the Eat Dangerously and New Food cookbooks, have a commitment to issue expired-copyright books in the public domain.

The Thorough Good Cook by George Augustus Sala is now in the public domain. The recipes are original and unadulterated, of course!



  Transparent Pudding.
Put eight eggs, well beaten, into a stew-pan with half
a pound of sugar pounded fine, half a pound of butter, and
some nutmeg grated. Set on the fire and keep con-
stantly stirring till it thickens. Then place it in a basin
to cool ; put a rich puff paste round the edge of the dish,
pour in the pudding, and bake it in a moderate oven. It
will cut light and clear. Candied orange and citron may
be added if you think proper.


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