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Cold tomato gazpacho recipe

There are a few things I keep in mind when making gazpacho:

  • Gazpacho has a lot of history, perhaps as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. For those of you that are keen on history,...
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This style of spicy chickpea soup happens to be popular across North Africa, including Libya. Ideally, you would order it at restaurant in Benghazi. But, I won’t judge if you chicken out and...

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This particular gumbo so rich and comforting because that it is thickened in 5 ways:
1) gelatin from the chicken bones
2) pectin from the tomatoes
3) gluten from the flour roux...

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Spicy Roasted Colored Cauliflower
  • Orange cauliflower is also known as: Cheddar Cauliflower
  • Origin and cultivation: discovered as a spontaneous mutation in 1970 in Canada; improved through breeding at Cornell...
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Heirloom Squash Tempura with Spicy Mint Chutney Dipping Sauce
  • Heirloom winter squash are also known as: Cheese Pumpkin, Marina di Chioggia, Banana, Blue Hubbard, Sweet Meat, Red Kuri, Turban and many many more; new hybrids include Carnival, Stripetti,...
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Chayote Salad
  • Chayote are also known as: Chayotli, Christophen, Christophine, Vegetable Pear, Mango Squash, Mirliton, Choco, Xu-xu, Zucca, Alligator Pear, Kajot, Choke, Pepineca or Buddha's Hand Squash...
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